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Terms and Conditons


At Overland & Highway, the most suited payment method is via bank transfer (BACS). Cash is accepted, as are cheques and banker’s drafts however all forms of payment must have cleared before any vehicle can leave our premises. PayPal is not accepted for any payments on vehicles.


We can take deposits on vehicles to enable our customers to reserve their chosen vehicle, since many of our vehicles are highly desirable and don not remain on the market for very long.  Deposits are valid for 7 days unless agreed otherwise, at which point the full balance must be settled and collection or delivery arranged. The deposit fee is agreed on the point of sale, and are non-refundable to cover potential costs and loss of business unless the sale cannot proceed due to a fault of the company.



We can arrange insured transport around the UK at competitive rates, and can ship elsewhere with prior arrangements. We find that this option has always worked well for our customers and please be reassured that your vehicle will be fully insured whilst in transit and you will receive good communication as to when and where you vehicle is at any given time.


On occasions where the new home for the vehicle is hundreds of miles away we do recommend that the delivery option be strongly considered. Our reasons for this are that although our vehicles are thoroughly checked, prepared and road tested, they can still throw up the odd surprise. Some of the vehicles we sell are over 60 years old, and on occasion have been stood idle for very long periods. We also have to bear in mind that when these vehicles were built reliability was far from the standard we expect of cars today, many vehicles such as leaf-sprung Land Rovers were not designed for high-speed motorway driving.



What to expect

We highly recommend that any customers who are familiar with the driving experience or maintenance involved in owning a classic vehicle, come and view, test drive and talk to us and we can help find the right one for you.

Classic cars are machines to cherish and enjoy, every journey should be special one. It is important to understand that by nature of their age, classic cars will always have certain characteristics which relate to their age, design and engineering, which are different to driving modern cars. Some common examples of this may be less efficient heaters and lighting, poorer ride quality, less efficient brakes and steering, rattles and transmission noise. It is common for an old car to have some minor fluid leaks and perhaps some wind noise and there may be occasions when they will not start or misfire. We will always endeavour to make our cars as user friendly as possible, and lend our advice whenever possible.




Overland & Highway Ltd do not offer a commercial warranty scheme on the vehicles we sell due to their age, nature and type, however we do offer a 3 month in house warranty unless they are sold under commission which will be stated.


This covers all major mechanical failure to the vehicle including engine, gearbox, steering, axles, alternator and starter motor, provided the vehicle has not been damaged through misuse or the fault(s) have already been disclosed.


Our warranty is conditional:


  • The vehicle has to have been well looked after, driven and maintained correctly during the customer’s ownership. We will give any necessary advice subject to purchase.

  • The warranty may be invalidated if the vehicle is used for any form of timed racing and covers private use only, hiring of the vehicle for reward is excluded as are faults arising out of negligence, neglect or alteration/repair not authorised by us.


  • The warranty excludes any consumable and wearable parts such as tyres, fluids, brakes and clutches.


  • The vehicle must be returned to our premises at the customer’s cost, then any items replaced or fitted will be covered by us. It is then also the customer’s responsibility to arrange collection of the vehicle once the work has been completed.


  • We may, at our discretion, accept for repairs to be done locally, however a written quotation must be provided by the repairer and agreed upon in writing before any work commences. All work carried out by that repairer cannot be guaranteed by us. We cannot accept claims for work carried out prior to our authorisation.


  • We also reserve the right to offer the customer a refund for the vehicle prior to any work being undertaken if the repair is proving to be prohibitively expensive. It must however be returned in the same condition it was supplied in with the exception of the fault.


  • We cannot offer any compensation for the vehicle being out of use whilst it is being repaired or the inconvenience of such an event.

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